About Konrad Winkler Photographer Melboune Webpage.

Konrad Winkler is a Melbourne photographer who has been exhibiting in commercial and public galleries since 1997. Born in Angaston, South Australia in 1948 he studied at Melbourne and New England universities before working in the Northern Territory as a teacher, and later as photographer and graphic artist with the Commonwealth Teaching Service.

His work is often intensely personal, but with a sense of humour to undercut any elements of self importance or maudlin feeling. He has photographed a number of people in extremis, i.e., the artist Julie Goodwin in the depths of postnatal depression, struggling to cope with her career and motherhood. The large photographs of his mother in law, Leila Guymer after the death of her husband are shot on bright, colour saturated Kodak film to show her sense of style and energy and perhaps make the point that death is not the end.

He has published three books. Moments of My Life is a balance of text and image to bring these moments, casual, absurd and sad to life again.

Diana Among the Humans looks at the links between life and art. How the cheery chaos of life is formalised and intensified through art and reflected back to us to give some sense of deeper meaning to the randomness of life.

Sophie X is a collaboration with Sophie Xeros-Constantinides. It explores the feelings of loss that pregnancy and childbirth bring to a woman’s life.