Moments of my life is a photography book in which the text accompanying the pictures takes an equal hold on our imagination. It contains a number of classic photos from Winkler’s career spanning 45 years. Some are quite mad and very funny, others imbued with tragedy and wistfulness, but leavened with a self-deprecating humour that brings us back into the present. W. H. Chong writing in ‘Culture Mulcher’ has said of the work; “Somehow the push-pull between the word and the image … has attained exactly the right tension …the text has a superbly conversational style as if the artist were dropping an anecdote in your ear. It’s the kind of mood compression that poets take a lifetime to hone.”

Photographs and text by Konrad Winkler
Book design by Jason McQuoid
ISBN: 978-0-9871670-7-1
112 pages Edition: 500

Published by M.33 Melbourne 2015 $40 + GST