Sophie X

This book is part of a collaboration with Sophie Xeros, an artist and psychologist/art therapist. It is a re-enactment of the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth. Sophie’s family has a terrible history of loss and dispossession, and these stories are a large part of her life and also her Ph. D.. She feels deeply the loss of self that a child brings when it invades the mother’s body and takes her independent identity. This isn’t art school stuff for her. The child needs to be … punished. She quotes Joyce Mansour in her introduction;

I remember my mother’s womb
It was delicately rosie
And its lining smelt of fear. (Joyce Mansour 1955)

Photographs Konrad Winkler in collaboration with Sophia Xeros-Constantinides
Text by Sophia Xeros-Constantinides
Book design by Jason McQuoid
ISBN: 978-0-9751133-1-8
40 pages Edition of 50

Published Melbourne 2016 $75 + GST